I am an open-minded guy, I like to meet new people, explore new things, I am very attached to people, I believe in all people.


I am a quiet guy who likes challenges and enjoy life to the fullest, with the desire to meet people from all over the world. for new experiences never before experienced

Baxter Dex: Cell Tuesday.

I get up early from bed. I had breakfast and I was so tired that I went back to bed. rest very well. I went to train leg in wild form. Then I came home and took a good bath, and I put on my leather pants and my coste polo shirt. I went to the mall to get a cell phone but I still can’t that sad. _?_?*_*_

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Baxter Dex: Strange Day

This day has been so strange or I have become a stranger .. There are good days. bad days and you give like this .. in which you just want to run until you can no longerPeople are strangeWhen you are a strangerThe faces look uglyWhen you are aloneWhen you are strangeNo one remembers your name… I will sing and touch the battery until I relax. Then to bed.

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Baxter Dex: Sunday Fantastic

A really beautiful Sunday. fantastic like every day. rest from the gym. I cleaned at home. I debuted my pink underwear and it was a very exciting weekend in general. I released my dildo with my mouth. I finished taking a shower and eating a little more protein before going to bed…

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Baxter Dex: Cleaning Sunday at Home

Rest very well. It was a fantastic and very hot night. if you want to see how much fun that was go check out my vods. I had a good time this morning organizing each of my latest vods for you to enjoy as much as I do. and continue preparing protein. Let’s go with everything for the 80 kg that I want so much xoxoxo Baxter Dex

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